The start

I was born in the 80s, blogging was such a thing when i was in high school. Now it became a total different thing, this is where people make their living out of. Me? I am just looking for something to start, so I can feel in control of something. Why? Here it goes.

Not like I am expecting millions of people to view this, but to make it short, I met a guy (how cliché?), and over a year and more later, I moved to the New York City to make this relationship work. We are not married yet, and with no working visa (if you have ever dealt with immigration, you know my pain) I am basically sitting home, and feeling really confused of what’s ahead. Living on savings can’t be forever, and I need a life before I suck the life out of this relationship.

Here it is, throwing my life problem out in the cyber world. Hopefully through doing this I can help myself figuring out a life I love.

That’s all for now. Next chapter in no time.